Starting a blog

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This is the very first entry. Although the previous website had been running for few years, I never implemented a blog into it. Later on I decided to completely redesign the website, as well as the way I organise and share information. Some sections were moved in the blog, which also opened space for new ones. So, what can you expect?

As I mentioned, the structure of the website has changed. I removed some sections from the main menu, keeping it purely about our main interest, which is portrait photography. But because I am creative and do not restrict myself by one area only, I needed space for other artworks as well.

I already have few articles and videos from the past. It would be a pity to forget them, so I will publish chosen ones again.

In addition to that, this will also be a place to display my work more in detail. I will give you an in-depth look into my photoshoots, personal projects and behind-the-scenes.

Enjoy and have a great day!

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