Photoshoot with Dasha and Natalia

This photoshoot came as a part of a workshop I attended few days ago. The workshop was focused on high-end fashion portraits. What is interesting, each participant had only 3 minutes to be fully in charge and shoot so that everybody could take turn. It was a great exercise for the times when you are under pressure and forced to shoot quickly.

The second gallery shows the behind-the-scenes and how the models were getting ready. When talking to Carla, a make-up artist, this kind of make-up takes about an hour to create, mainly because of the crystals that were necessary to lay out around the eyes.

What would you be able to create in 3 minutes? Give it a try and make it fun for you and your model.

Location: Monte Cristo Events Dubai, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
Credits: Make-up Artist Carla Fuentes

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