Stop motion Autumn

First, let me tell you what a stop motion animation means. It is a series of images when the next one is slightly altered version of the previous one. You can use objects, drawings, photos, etc. When put together, the images create an illusion of movement.

The video you have just seen is only 35 seconds long. However, to compile a smooth enough 1 second of a video, for a stop motion animation, usually you need to create at least 12 frames. That being said, for my video I drew 430 images and photographed them. Patiently, one by one.


Photo on the left shows the whole set. I could have used only 1 light setup, of course, with the light straight from the top. You can use any light, no need for using flash, I just did not have any other reasonable light source available. And I used 2 flashes not to stress a single unit too much.

For the drawing itself, I used a dark green board and a chalk. As mentioned before, for 1 second of the video, I had to draw 12 images. This part took me almost 5 hours to complete. After I edited the photos, I added sound effects, 8 of them in total.

One tip for you: I used double-sided scotch tape to fix the board to the table so that it did not move. Then I accidentally kicked the whole table, but that is another story..

Have you created any animation yourself? Share your stories with me.

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