Marzficent transformation

Marzficent final photo

Inspiration for this project comes from a fantasy movie Maleficent by Walt Disney Pictures. I gave the name a little twist because I transformed Marz into the villainess main character. Would you like to see three quick steps showing the transformation?

The first photo, directly from a camera, needed attention to proper lighting so that it would match the lighting on a costume that I wanted to use for compositing. Further you can see how the skin was retouched and how dramatically the skin tone was changed. And lastly, during final compositing the attention was paid to details like face adjustments.

Marzficent original shot
Marzficent whitened skin
Marzficent  composited shot

Following two images are literal sneak peek into the eye changing process. We did not have proper contact lenses, therefore new eyes were built from scratch in post-production, especially the iris. To enhance the details I also added bottom eye lashes, as well as further subtle make-up on eyelids and eyebrows.

eye original
eye retouched

The final result is a composite based on the official movie poster. The background was graded and the original font (called Upon A Dream) was used to display the title.

When going to cinema, would you prefer Angelina Jolie or Marz to star on the silver screen?

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