Calendar 2015

Calendar 2015 was a project I worked on last year. Multinational and international. You can see an overview of a cultural background of all 12 models in a table below. Locations were chosen worldwide, mainly in Dubai, followed by Hong Kong, Singapore and Rome. Few of my models had some professional experience with modeling, however, the majority had not. Through this project I wanted them to experience how it feels to work together with a photographer more closely. I can't emphasize enough the patience and enthusiasm I have seen across all the sessions, and I want to thank the whole group!

The chosen vertical format of the calendar implied all the shots had to be vertical as well, because I wanted to capture everyone in a full body pose. I aimed for a portrait with a taste of a fashion look, focusing only on the person within the environment given, avoiding any other distractions. Also, I carefully chose clothing to provide variety in styles and colors.

As this is a hindsight, you can notice an old logo on a front cover of the calendar, as well as in a promotional video below.

A digital version of this calendar is not available. To make it exclusive, only a printed copy could have been ordered. Please note that the distribution of Calendar 2015 has been discontinued. Skipping 2016, we may prepare a calendar for another year.

Locations: Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Rome

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