Single language website transformation

Single language

Many changes are about to happen soon and this is one of them. The website, which is both in English and Czech now, will switch back into English only in January. This will better suit my needs and future plans. What other changes are coming?

As of the moment, I will not disclose my long-term plans yet, but let's have a look onto some nearest ones. I want to give my photography business slightly different direction than it have had till now. Therefore the whole website will undergo a transformation to support my vision. An English language alone will better serve that purpose. An open question is my newsletter, which might carry on in other language mutations. 

I will still pursue my passion, which is portrait photography, plus I will extend my services. Some information will only get new coating, some will be brand new. I am already working on new content, which will be added, older content will be either modified or removed. Please, bare with me for a while if you spot some flaws now and then. Well, you can not make an omelet without breaking eggs, right?

Have a wonderful Christmas time and I will be looking forward to all of you beautiful people in 2017.

Updated (January 6, 2017): Czech version of the website has already been removed, all the pages are in English only now.