Fictive VOGUE cover

fictive Vogue cover page

This time I wanted to go beyond the final fashion-like shot by creating the whole fashion magazine cover page. From many options I really liked the look of Vogue covers because of their simple, strong and elegant design.

The first image below is a retouched photo alone. Everything was planned in advance to help the design stand out later on, beginning from the pose and composition to the red colour of lipstick and nail polish. I went for a darker, gray background to complement the red and white colors of selling and cover lines. The layout, the second image, was completely made from scratch, using fictive texts to fill the page.

portrait for the cover page
layout of the cover page

The main title is based on Didot font. The exact font is custom-made for Vogue, not commercially available. If you want to get close, you may use free Bodoni font instead. That was not satisfactory for me so I downloaded the logo, created a vector mask and used that one in a composite — this way I obtained the identical main title which you can see on real Vogue covers.

Any magazine has its own rules to obey when designing a cover page, so does Vogue. Here are few basic and the most obvious ones which I followed:

 • color of the masthead should be cohesive with the main image
 • the background of the main image should be subtle or plain not to distract from any text elements on the cover
 • font choices should be minimal, at a maximum of three separate font families per cover
 • the color of selling and cover lines should work well with the color scheme of the main image

Would such cover grab your attention? Share with me in a comment what makes a magazine cover interesting according to you.

Updated (December 13, 2017): Here you may follow a link to the Fictive teenVOGUE cover and compare this result to another fictive magazine cover project.

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