Video Before nature wakes up

That time when you enter the woods and it is not yet fully awake. Snow is gone, fresh grass is starting to grow and first flowers are peeping out. Stop for a moment and enjoy tiny details before nature wakes up.

All the material was recorded on a DSLR camera as a RAW video, using Magic Lantern software. On one hand you get a full control over the footage, on the other hand the processing becomes extremely time consuming. Instead of editing your video sequences directly, you have to process every single frame one by one first.

Would you like to know how long it took to create such a video, how much material I shot, what equipment I brought with me into the woods, how I recorded the sound, what software I used for post-production or how long I edited the video? If any of your answers is 'yes', come back to my blog next time — I will post a detailed information about how I proceeded.

For the music I chose a song from One Direction — Fireproof. Not their original version, but a piano cover by Kenneth from Nuetful Music. You may find a link below if you want to listen to more of his piano ballads.

Updated (April 2, 2016): Here is a link for the behind-the-scenes post.

Location: woods, Koprivnice (Czech Republic)
Music: Nuetful Music

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