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Any new project comes with excitement. And particularly this one. I have been asked by Kenneth, a talented music artist from Copenhagen (Denmark), to collaborate on an international project and create a music video together. What it will be about and what it will look like?

Kenneth will record his own piano cover version of the song 'Kiss The Rain' from Yiruma, including a short video footage of himself playing the piano. He will work in his hometown, in Denmark. As the theme of the song is rain, I will try to record most of the video footage in nature when it rains. And I will work in vicinity of my hometown, in the Czech Republic. Then I will put all the material together and combine it into a music video. Below you can listen to a 1-minute intro teaser.

The plan is to finish all the work within this summer. Hopefully I will be able to take advantage of some rain showers, quite common in this season. Definitely some challenges may arise, especially how to protect the equipment from water. Therefore I will try to bring little behind-the-scenes as well, to make the project even more interesting for you.

Should you wish to listen to any of Kenneth's songs in the meantime, you may follow his youtube channel Kenneth August. And to stay in touch with me, you may also follow my facebook or instagram. So, how do you find the idea of the project? Let me know in the comments below.

Updated (August 20, 2016): Here is a link for the music video Kiss the rain.

Location: Copenhagen (Denmark) and Koprivnice (Czech Republic)

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