Video Kiss The Rain

If you still remember, I announced a Music video international project several weeks ago. That project was highly dependent on weather and it took a while, however, I finally put all the pieces together. Excited to see the result?

I teamed up with a musician Kenneth Jacobsen from Copenhagen, Denmark, and our goal was to create a music video with a rain theme. Now you can see the relation to weather. The whole project could have been finished earlier, if it had been raining more often.

All the outdoor material was recorded in the woods of Koprivnice, Czech Republic, by Petr Holusa photography. No special waterproof gadgets, just a DSLR camera in one hand and an umbrella in the other hand. Oh, how I wish I managed to capture some behind-the-scenes too, because that would have been hilarious to watch all the struggling! Once I was happy with the video sequences, I recorded the authentic sound of the rain at the same location. A disclaimer, no electronics were harmed during the shoot.

All the indoor material was recorded in a studio in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Kenneth August Music. Kenneth recorded the song Kiss The Rain first and then he captured the piano scenes of himself from several different angles. This material was sent to me for final post-production and video editing. Should you wish to listen to the beautiful song Kiss The Rain without the added sound of the rain, we have prepared it for you below as a bonus.

For those who like some technical data and numbers. All nature sequences were recorded as a RAW video, using Magic Lantern software. That included 50 short sequences containing about 17.000 images that had to be processed individually. Due to some technical limitations I was forced to shoot at the resolution of 1856x1044 pixels, which I upscaled to a full HD standard of 1920x1080 pixels at the end. The song Kiss The Rain was originally composed by Yiruma, a South Korean pianist. Kenneth added his own intro and created a piano cover version.

Now make yourself comfy and enjoy the video and the music. We would be pleased to hear back from you, so feel free to put any comments below if you have a minute.

Facebook page: Kenneth August Music
Youtube channel: Kenneth August

Location 1: woods, Koprivnice (Czech Republic)
Location 2: studio, Copenhagen (Denmark)