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In an effort to bring you not only the best services but also the best products, I was looking for a supplier which could produce beautiful and high-quality wedding albums from your photos. Would you like to know how the album looks like and what are its features? In place of a long boring product review I will describe my own experience and impression the album made to me.

For my printed materials I mostly use a supplier based in Germany and I made such choice for the wedding albums as well. They offer several options in sizes, papers, finishes and other details. Unless agreed otherwise, my signature album comes like this:

    • square size of 28x28 cms
    • padded cover, soft touch matte finish
    • matte finish pages, lay-flat binding
    • unique, individual album design

Despite the fact the albums are manufactured in Germany, you can always expect short turnaround times and quick delivery. To ensure safe transportation, the album is sealed in a plastic bag, put in a foam sack and corners are protected by paper triangles.

When you get rid of the packaging and see the album for the first time, it definitely has its 'wow' effect. The padded cover feels so good on touch that you want to hold it in your hands for a second just to enjoy that. The good impression continues once you start browsing the album. Above all I liked the paper quality and faithfulness of colors. Due to the fact the pages are glued together in pairs, it makes them stronger and they feel solid while turned. The lay-flat binding allows the pages to be fully opened and the photos to be seamlessly displayed across the whole double-page spread.

You may get a basic idea about the album by viewing the photos in the gallery above. However, I would strongly recommend to meet me and I would be more than happy to present you a sample wedding album I designed. It is not enough to read about it, you have to see it and touch it.

I always remind the brides and grooms that the food or music will soon be forgotten. Therefore they should pay a close attention to the wedding photos and albums because these last longer and hold the memories for decades. I am aware of this importance and will prepare the wedding album for you with maximum care. Relax after the wedding and wait until the album arrives at your doorstep.

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