Blog revised reloaded reorganised

blog revised reloaded reorganised

Last month, in a Single language website transformation post, I mentioned several changes related to the whole website. The most prominent one was the usage of English language across the pages. What is different and how that affected the blog?


All the posts were updated. I put a lot of effort into this step so that the blog goes in the same direction as the rest of the website. Therefore the posts can be found in English only. Few of them were deleted if the information provided was outdated or irrelevant. I also cross-linked the posts where appropriate, like in videos and behind-the-scenes.


In rare cases I changed the names of the posts, which means the links to them changed too, so I either added that information to the specific shared posts on the facebook page or I re-posted them there again.


To browse the posts and look for relevant information more easily, you can take advantage of them being sorted by categories. However, I found some categories had confusing or misleading names, so I changed them. They should be pretty straight forward now, like Photoshoots and Projects for those longing for photos, Writings for those longing for more factual information, and Videos for those longing for audio visual experience.

Hope you are enjoying my posts. If you do, please take a minute and share your thoughts in the comments not only with me but with other readers too. Thank you.