Corporate portraits with Milada

For a person working in a real estate business, a great presentation is crucial. Last month I was approached by Milada who asked me to create a series of corporate portraits which she could use for her marketing and self-promotion. Would you like to see the photos?

To be able to use the photos for various purposes, we decided to shoot on a plain white background. The main request was for the half body portraits. As we shot with Milada in the past, she already had a headshot with a white shirt. Therefore this time she chose more vibrant, red pullover. An exception was a full body photo in a whtie shirt, to complete the previous shoot. We had a bit laughter during the session, together with a makeup artist, so I will definitely look forward to another session in the future.

Makeup: Gabriela Pustejovska
Location: Koprivnice (Czech Republic)

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