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going bilingual adding czech

Initially the website was running in two languages, English and Czech. For a certain period of time it continued only in English, and now the Czech language back. Why all these changes?

The original concept had all the texts, in both languages, placed simultaneously on all the pages. That was neither elegant nor practical. By the time the new concept was ready, I kept the website only in English.

Now the website is ready to address Czech visitors, and potential clients, again. There are still few cosmetic flaws remaining, like untranslated footer links, some form fields or dates, which can not be translated. Hopefully they will not diminish your experience.

Without compromising the overall design, now I can keep both languages separately, including the blog posts! Even the older blog posts have been translated so that you can choose your preferred language version of the blog and keep on reading.

To switch into another language, choose from the main menu CS for Czech or EN for English.

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