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fictive teenVogue cover page

Do you still remember my previous project Fictive VOGUE cover? Recently I have been taking portraits of my daughter Hana and she inspired me to create another fictive magazine cover, for her. Would you like to see the result? 

As Hana is a baby, I wanted to choose a magazine intended for a young generation. Not for babies, who obviously do not know how to read, but for teenagers to make it look more classy. Like in the first case, I chose a teenVOGUE, for its simple and elegant design, and for its similarity to the first project Fictive VOGUE cover, where I featured Marz, Hana's mom.

Initially I just wanted an impromptu portrait of my daughter. No special clothing, or styling, or any other planning. It was an early morning, shortly after breakfast, when we were playing together. As soon as I saw the photo, I realized that there was more potential to play around with. 

portrait for the cover page
layout of the cover page

When I was designing the cover layout, I picked yellow, white and black colour scheme to nicely complement the brown and skin tone colours in the photo. Texts were chosen randomly, yet still somehow related to Hana, just to make it a bit funny. To make it more authentic, I used an original logo from the teenVOGUE magazine and I followed the same basic rules for designing a cover page: 

 • color of the masthead should be cohesive with the main image
 • the background of the main image should be subtle or plain not to distract from any text elements on the cover
 • font choices should be minimal, at a maximum of three separate font families per cover
 • the color of selling and cover lines should work well with the color scheme of the main image

Now, when you have seen both covers, which one would you buy? With Marz, in a more stylized photo, or with Hana in a casual photo? Share your thoughts with me in a comment below.

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