Everybody is photogenic

Would you like to have a nice portrait but you are avoiding photographers because you think you are not photogenic? Let me boost your confidence and give you courage to overcome this unjustified block. Everybody can have a beautiful portrait, so do you.

It may happen sometimes that you do not like the results you are getting. In that case I am always saying ― if the photo does not look good, it is the photographer's fault. It is the photographer's job to help you relax, to emphasize your best features and hide your flaws. You are in front of the camera, hence not in control of the situation.

I understand that not everybody is Brad Pitt or Audrey Hepburn. Which does not mean you should underestimate yourself. Different people have different qualities and everybody is beautiful in his or her own way. Forget the flaws that you are concerned about because others usually do not notice them at all.

Great portrait photography is mainly about psychology and a little bit about technical aspects. It is more important to let your personality shine through than using some complex lighting setups or special effects. Discuss the details of the photoshoot beforehand, which will not only help you get ready for the session, it also breaks the ice. If you are enjoying the session and having fun, you will definitely get better images.

You probably realized that the leading image in the minigallery was created for fun, with purposely distorted facial features. The second image of the same person looks very different, right? It takes some experience to move from one image to the other. If you are in need for better photos than just snapshots from your family holidays, it is definitely worth hiring a portrait photographer.

And if some photo turn out a failure now and then? In contrary of the fact I mentioned in the beginning, remember the following quote and just smile:

"There are no bad pictures; that's just how your face looks sometimes."
― Abraham Lincoln