Facebook presentation for Dortici

A nice presentation can create positive first impression and long lasting impact to your customers. And as many of them spend a lot of time on social media, Lenka asked me to enhance her company's facebook page. Would you like to see what I have created?

The most important part of the project was a profile photo.. which can be used on any social media, not just a facebook. As Lenka is an entrepreneur, who manages her own confectionary business, I included a cake in the main shot, a half body business portrait. To fit the square format of facebook profile photo I carefully cropped the image and cut out only a headshot. The photo is in most cases displayed like an icon and therefore it would appear too small if more of the body was used.

The next step was a banner. To show the focus of Lenka's business, cakes of any kind, it was easy to decide we wanted to photograph one. What might not be obvious from the main photo of the cake, a special attention was paid to composition for the target crop, which is more narrow than the regular shot. In the end, I added required graphic elements and the results could go online.

Do you want to see the presentation in action? Follow the link below, have a look, come back and leave a comment.

Location: Zenklava (Czech Republic)
Facebook page: Dortici