Photoshoot with Jana and her family

The initial idea was to go out in the morning, to nature, for a family portrait photoshoot. Then we came up with an interesting twist to combine the session with a picnic. Would you like to see how it turned out?

Everything started by a nice walk. It took us a while to reach our planned destination so we had plenty of time for a chitchat. I took several shots on the way but everybody was awaiting breakfast. Especially kids, looking forward to nutella, which was all over their faces. I let the family sit close to a rocky edge with a beautiful view. They liked the scenery and atmosphere so much that they immediately planned to come back again in the future. Later I captured few arranged portraits as well because the family wanted a group shot which they could hang on a wall.

Lately I have been told that all of them enjoyed the morning and had fun. That makes me happy and works as the best motivation for upcoming work.

Location: Kamenarka, Koprivnice (Czech Republic)

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