Corporate portraits with DPO management

It has been a while since I took these corporate portraits of the management of Dopravni podnik Ostrava, a public transport company. Apart from the traditional headshots, I also took few environmental portraits in a tram depot. Would you like to see the photos of the board of directors?

The task was to create a headshot portrait on a plain background, as well as a half or full body portrait of each member interacting with a tram. These photos were meant to be used on the company's website and yearly reports. Therefore I also created portraits for the only woman in the group, the public relations representative.

In the beginning I took several group shots of all the members, however, I was kindly asked not to publish specific people on the blog, therefore these photos were not included in the gallery above. I believe you can still get the idea of how much fun we had. 

Location: tram depot, Ostrava (Czech Republic)

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