Booking a wedding photographer for 2019

booking a wedding photographer for 2019

Have you already found your venue? And chosen a date? How about a wedding photographer? Arrange an initial meeting and we can discuss your wishes, ideas and expectations. Shall we?

Take your time, browse my portfolio and photo galleries in a blog section and see if you like my style. We can then meet, or skype if you prefer, and talk over a cup of coffee about your wedding day and about services I can do for you. One of them being my signature wedding album I provide. Here are some of its features:

    • square size of 28x28 cms
    • padded cover, soft touch matte finish
    • matte finish pages, lay-flat binding
    • unique, individual album design

It is very important that you meet your photographer before you do any booking. That person will spend the whole day with you and might be present at few intimate moments as well. Therefore you should feel comfortable around him and he should be able to listen to you like a close friend. I am always that kind of a person and we can have a lot of fun even when I am not holding a camera. If I caught your attention, let’s get in touch and I will be gladly at your disposal.

And remember, photographs and their nice presentation are among very few things that remains for decades after the wedding has finished.

Looking forward to meeting you all new brides and grooms and to becoming your wedding photographer!

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