Photoshoot with Camille and Jd on a Valentine's Day

Three weeks ago I announced a special offer — a chance for one couple in Cebu City, Philippines, to get a free portrait session on a Valentine's Day. I only asked the couples to describe to me how much they love each other. Among all the applicants, Camille and Jd caught my attention and here is their reply:

This would be an awesome way to spend our Valentine's Day. My wife, Camille, and I are as in love as we were and have been blessed with a beautiful daughter. Thanks for this opportunity. My wife and I have been married for almost 10 years now and we've never had the chance to have our photos taken by a professional photographer. Cheers!

As much as we tried to make everything happen on the February 14th, the weather did not cooperate at all. In fact, that time a typhoon passed by the city and we were forced to postpone the session for a week. However, the longer Camille and Jd had to wait, the more they were looking forward to the shoot.

Finally, the weather got perfect, although it was a very hot and humid day. From time to time we hid in the shade to keep the couple fresh and good looking. Their enthusiasm and patience did not change a bit and we all spent a wonderful afternoon together. 

Neither Camille nor Jd could choose which photos they would receive because it was meant to be a surprise. Let's see what their reaction will be when they see them for the first time...

Updated (February 25, 2018): I have received an email from Jd, expressing his gratitude and satisfaction. Such kind words always brighten my day therefore I would like to share them with you:

You have no idea how satisfied we are of the finished products, Petr. Truly beyond our expectations. And just to let you know, I learned a lot from you with that short period of time.

Location: Banawa area, Cebu City (Philippines)

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