Backup. Professional photographers cover your back

backup professional photographers cover your back

Have you ever wanted to take photos and your camera failed? Or it fell down and broke? How about your hard drive, has it ever crashed? Now imagine that something like that happens on your wedding day. Or you loose all your precious photos. What would you do?

We all take these scenarios easy, until they happen to us. And it can be a nerve-wrecking experience. By no means my intention is to scare you, the other way round, I would like to show you what else you are getting by hiring a professional photographer. And by a professional I mean anyone who cares for his/her clients and work. Although the following should be a common practice, I can not speak for everyone. I will only tell you about my way of covering your back and what benefits you are getting maybe without even realising them:  


  • Let's begin with shooting. Contrary to some photographers, or your relatives and friends who you may ask for taking your photos, I always bring a spare full-frame camera with me when working with clients. No matter what happens to the camera in use, I can continue shooting and finish the job I have been hired for. Same applies to the lenses, of which I carry multiple, and other pieces of equipment. All in all, your wedding day, or a photoshoot, is secured and you do not have to worry about its coverage.

File handling

  • And now, what is less obvious, the file handling. While processing the photos in my computer, I keep another copy on an external hard drive, to make sure nothing happens to them before delivery. After you have received your finals, whether digital versions or prints, all the photos are backed up in a cloud as well, which is a virtual storage place. For the interested ones, I use a paid service of a company called Backblaze. So if any physical device fails, no photo will ever be lost.

Have you accidentally erased your digital copies? Or kids tore your wedding album or damaged any printed materials? When any inconvenience happens, get in touch with me and I will provide you with your older files for free, and eventually I can arrange a re-print.

Get a month of backup for free

Have you been considering an online backup service for yourself? If you want to give Backblaze a try, use the following link and Get a month for free.

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