New photography studio in Koprivnice

a brand new photography studio in Koprivnice

Looking for a photographer who can fulfil your needs for both outdoor and studio photography? Look no more. I would like to announce that my brand new photography studio in Koprivnice has been opened. Would you like to know more?

People like outdoor photography. Locations are different every day, as well as seasons, changing from spring and summer to autumn and winter. You can play with sun, rain, snow, you name it. However, not every project is suitable for outdoor shooting. In many cases, in order to maintain consistent results, you need to be in full control of the environment. And that is possible only in a studio.

It is a great place for headshots and corporate portraits, which can help you with your professional career, as well as for less formal family and newborn portraits. And you can play with your imagination in fashion, fine art or more conceptual projects. The possibilities are endless.



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Tip: click the image to jump
into a Google maps location


So where and when to find me? 

The studio is located on Csl. armady 1328/9 street, in Koprivnice. It is a KB bank building.

You are welcome to come anytime, as long as you give me a call in advance. For shooting sessions, prior booking is essential.


Already having some inspiration or ideas to try? Get in touch with me and we will make them happen together. I will be looking forward to meeting any of you and to all the images we will create.