Looking back on 2018 and what to look forward to

looking back through 2018

Christmas time, and the end of the year in general, is an excellent opportunity to sit down and assess how the year went, what was great and what could have been done better. Would you like to have a quick look back with me?

The year 2018 was full of travelling, new experiences, visiting new places and meeting new people. There has been a lot of ups and downs, surprises and disappointments, as well as moments full of happiness and stress. All in all, well balanced. I am glad for every mistake I made because it taught me something. It taught me what to be aware of, showed me where my weak points were and where to improve.

I spent the beginning of the year in the Philippines where I did only a minimum of shooting. It was more about the future plans of my photography business. As soon as I returned with my family back to the Czech Republic, I opened a photography studio in Koprivnice. Success does not happen overnight, it comes step by step. And I am happy it is going in the right direction and the studio is becoming more popular.

Besides the commercial shoots I am planning to do more personal projects in 2019 as well. It is both fun, because you can try new things without worrying too much about the result, and you always learn something new, which can come handy when you really need to pull these tricks off. I already have several ideas on my mind, so follow me on social media.

I also managed to fulfil one of my biggest dreams, which surprisingly has nothing to do with photography. I rode a speedway bike on my own, which I always wanted to try since I was a little boy and started liking that sport. As I have achieved this one, it is time for new dreams and new goals. But no pressure, I find something when I find something. And with my wild imagination, I am sure it will not take long.

Big thanks goes to my family and friends who supported me throughout the whole year. I appreciate it a lot. In return, I wish everyone success in upcoming 2019. Believe in yourself, keep doing what makes you happy and it is gonna be an amazing one!


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