Photoshoot with Anezka and her family

Family photos are timeless, no matter whether taken outdoors or in a studio. Anezka visited me with her husband and two kids because they wished for portraits of them all together. Would you like to see their photos?

We faced a little challenge in the beginning when Ema, a daughter, refused to join the parents for the group photos. So I started with portraits of Libor and his mom and dad. After a bit of negotiating we agreed with Ema and Libor to send their parents out of the studio and I stayed with the kids alone. The mood suddenly changed and I believe I managed to capture beautiful portraits of both Ema and Libor, and both of them together. Then I called the parents back and, what seemed impossible initially, continued with the whole group when everyone was smiling. At the end I was so happy, and felt satisfied, because they really enjoyed the session and left my studio in a very positive mood.

Location: studio, Koprivnice (Czech Republic)

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