Headshot portrait with Alexandra and Dana

This was a mini project with Alexandra, a makeup artist and my friend, and Dana, our model for a day. Although I focused more on how to improve Alexa’s photography skills, I created a nice headshot too. Would you like to know more?

The main goal of the session was to help Alexa on improving her photography. Even though she is a makeup artist, she needs from time to time documentary photos of her work for both reference and self-promotion. Point and shoot cameras, as well as mobile phones, certainly have their limitations, however, using a bit of knowledge how the light works and how to use these limitations to your advantage can definitely lead to better photos. All this information can at least help her decide whether the equipment she owns can do the job or it is time for an upgrade.

While I was answering her questions, Alexa applied a gentle makeup on Dana, so that she could practise herself afterwards. In the meantime, I took a few behind the scenes photos and, at the end, I used my professional equipment and captured a headshot portrait for Dana, in return for her patience. I added a bit of colour into the background, to elevate an interest. And it really complemented the overall look.

Location: studio, Koprivnice (Czech Republic)
Makeup: Alexa hair & make-up