How the sanded mandalas are made

Few months ago I photographed finished artworks created by using a sanding technique. Today you can have a look at the creative process how these artworks are made. Would you like to look behind the scenes?

I have already described the basics of the technique in a previous post, which you can find here, Sanded artworks. In contrary to the previous post, where you could see the finished artworks, this gallery shows the process more in detail and shows some tools that come very handy while you work. As any art, it is very relaxing to create your own mandalas and all the combinations of the coloured sands give you limitless options how to express yourself.

For more information or inquiries you may visit the website of ArmiDanArt and contact Radana Humplikova.

Location: ArmiDanArt, Studenka (Czech Republic)