Print more of your photos

print more of your photos

Over the last two decades, digital cameras spread among the people vastly. Getting photos now is as easy as clicking a button. But what happens to these photos? Do you print them or do they fade into the digital abyss of history?

There are so many ways how to create a digital image. From dedicated devices to mobile phones, drones and other gadgets. This accessibility encourages us to take more and more photos. At the same time it makes us more lazy to sort them, process them and reproduce them. And there are several good reasons why we should do so. However, I will point out only one, which I realised recently.

Printed photos make us happy!

Initially, I stored only my photography equipment in a studio. The walls were empty with no decorations. A month ago, I hanged some of my favourite photographs in there, printed as big wall decors. Not only the space does not feel that empty anymore, the prints make me a company in a way. Every time I walk in they bring a smile on my face. It feels good to see your work turned into a real product and over time you connect more to it. Actually, it is not necessary to print everything big. Small sized photographs, like the ones in your family albums, work exactly the same. You can touch them, browse through them, flip the pages — this real interaction is just more fun then flicking through them on a phone or a computer.

If you have beautiful shots that you treasure, print them out. You will see the difference in how you perceive them and how more interesting they become. Display them around and they will make you happy too!

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