Photoshoot with Eva and her family

This family shoot included a bit of travelling. I visited my friend Radim and his wife Eva in Brno, to create a series of portraits with their two sons. Would you like to see the photos?

Despite the fact I had to travel over 150 kilometers, I was really excited to meet my former schoolmate Radim again because we always had a great time. And to finally meet his wife Eva for the first time, as there was no opportunity before. The atmosphere was even more relaxed since we were shooting at their own place. They asked me to come to provide their youngest son with more comfort and allow him to rest when needed. The main goal was to capture few group shots of the family together, and some individual shots, which could be used in table top frames. Credits for good results also go to Alexa for creating subtle and decent makeup.

Location: livingroom, Brno (Czech Republic)
Makeup: Alexa hair & make-up

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