Spring photoshoot in a kindergarten

Right before an Easter’s holiday, I was approached by one of the kindergartens in Koprivnice, MS Pionyrska, to create a series of simple portraits of the kids attending the facility. Would you like to see some of the photos?

As we agreed in advance, all the photos should be shot on a plain light background. The theme was spring, with a hint of upcoming Easters. Therefore we used colourful tulips and a braided whip as a decoration. In the first set, I let the kids sit behind a little table, to let them relax a bit and get used to the camera. In the second set, I photographed them standing while holding a whip, for boys, or a tulip, for girls. With such small kids everything had to be simple and fast because they can’t concentrate on the session for too long.

When I delivered the printed photos to the parents, they liked them a lot. I was actually overwhelmed by their feedback as some asked me to keep collaborating with the kindergarten. That really brighten my day.

Location: MS Pionyrska, Koprivnice (Czech Republic)