The secret behind the best portraits? Coaching.


Every portrait session is an evolving process, an interaction between the subject and the photographer, between you and me. How do I make this process easier for you and help you get the best portraits? By coaching.

Many of us do not like being photographed, including me. That actually helps me to put myself into your shoes and understand your little concerns and how insecure you can feel. My role as a photographer is not only clicking a button and taking photos, but mainly creating the right mood, building up your confidence and assisting you with every step we make. You can have the most expensive equipment, wear the most glamorous dress and put the nicest makeup, but if you do not feel comfortable, it will show in the photos and you may not be satisfied in the end.

There are many little tips and tricks how to make you look your best which I do not keep only for myself but I am always sharing them with you. Temporarily I become your personal portrait coach, who is trying to show you and explain you some benefits of doing this or that, even though it sometimes means doing silly things on your side or my side. There is no need to be too much self-aware of how you present yourself, that is actually counterproductive. I will wait for these brief moments when you loose your focus anyway, because these are the times when you show your personality and who you really are.

My clients are always excited to learn more about portrait photography during the photoshoot because they can use this information for any other session in the future. They say the sessions are both entertaining and educative at the same time and that is where I see my added value in my work. Although it can be just two of us, each photo develops from team effort and I will make sure you enjoy our time together and leave with the best portraits possible.

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