Wedding with Iveta and Robin in Celadna

When it’s your wedding day, it doesn’t matter if it’s raining or the sky is clear. It’s all about two people, Iveta and Robin in this case, who wanted to bind their lives together. Would you like to peek into their wedding day?

Since the first moment I met with Iveta and Robin, I really liked how hearty and humble they both were. Always very positive and smiling which played an important role during their wedding day. We were all watching the weather forecast closely, as the beginning of May was full of rainy showers, but it didn’t change much and it was raining for the majority of the day. Several changes had to be made in the schedule, including the place of the ceremony itself. Nonetheless, Iveta and Robin were just so excited being in each others presence that they didn’t care about these changes at all. Despite of all the rain drops they were both smiling, even during our couple’s shoot, which created good vibes among all the guests. It was a pleasure meeting such a lovely couple and I wish them all the best!

Location: Celadna (Czech Republic)
Venue: Hotel & Garden U Holubu
Decorations: Dagmar Novackova
Dress: Svatebni salon La Radka
Hairstyling: Renata Sokolikova

Makeup: Adriana Holubova
Flowers and bouquet: Dagmar Novackova
Cake and sweet bar: Andelske dobroty
Ceremony music: Aneta Pradkova
Party music: Vit Gorsanov

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