Corporate portraits with Sandra and Stanislav

You have only one attempt to make a good first impression. In today’s world, when clients usually see your website before they have a chance to meet you personally, a great profile photo plays a significant role. It means a difference between the client liking you or not, or between getting in touch with you or not.

When I was discussing the details of the session with Sandra and Stanislav, they were very much aware of the fact that their profile photos would be welcoming their clients on their website and creating an initial connection. Following the concept of the website, we decided to stylise the dress code into only dark and bright colours as well. I created several different portraits, of which only the three quarter body shots were used for the website. The others will be used later on, on the social media. Therefore I created versions on a white background as well as on a dark background. You can have a look directly on the link below, which photos they used in the end. I was pleased that both Sandra and Stanislav had great fun in my studio and that they might return for more portraits in the future.

Website: Financni ucetnictvi SH, s.r.o.
Location: studio, Koprivnice (Czech Republic)

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