Photoshoot with Marketka and her parents

Marketka is my young good friend because we know each other from the previous photoshoot. Last time we were shooting in my studio in winter, this time outdoors in summer. Would you like to see how she grew up?

Marketka was only few months old when I took her photos in my studio. That was about six month ago and you can have a look at the photos here. This time we went out with her parent Michaela and Ondrej to enjoy a beautiful summer day and the ponds area of Borovec. We stayed more or less in one location because it is essential to shoot quickly with babies as they don’t pay attention for too long. I took some family group shots as well as individual portraits. Even though the session was more or less about Marketka, I also created a couple’s portrait for Michaela and Ondrej. On the way back to the car I turned into a babysitter as Marketka refused to be carried by mom and dad and enjoyed my other services. As a photographer you must have multiple skills, including pampering you clients.

Location: ponds, Borovec (Czech Republic)