Photoshoot with Ryan and his mom

It is always nice when parents approach me and ask for photos of their kids. This time it was all about Ryan and his mom. Would you like to see some photos of this little boy we made in my studio?

We discussed details of the session with Adela in advance, such as a preferred dark background and the mood of the shoot. As Ryan was only few weeks old, we planned most of the photos to be taken in his mom’s arms. Not only to make it comfortable and assuring for the baby, but also to show the bond between them. It was essential to let Ryan rest from time to time, so I also took several shots while he was laying down. Including his tiny cute feet. At the end Adela got inspired by the big format prints hanging in my studio and ordered prints for herself too. From my own experience, there is nothing nicer than your own photos printed big.

Location: studio, Koprivnice (Czech Republic)

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