PVC foamboard wall decor review

Capturing a beautiful digital image is one thing, but it really comes to life when you print it. And especially when you print it big. For the first time I decided to try a print made of a PVC foamboard material, as an alternative for a well-known canvas option. Would you like to know what was my impression and experience?

In the following text I will go through these 5 steps:

    1. delivery and packaging
    2. technical parameters
    3. mounting

    4. colors and print quality
    5. overall impression

Even though the wall decor was made in Germany, from placing the order it took only 3 working days to reach Koprivnice (Czech Republic). Using a wrapping foil it was tightly fixed to a cardboard which was significantly bigger than the wall decor. A great way how to protect corners during the transportation.

My wall decor had a size of 75x50 cm and is only 5 mm thick. The PVC foamboard is an extremely light material, so you can still print much bigger than I did without any worries whether it remains on the wall. Thanks to six-colour UV direct printing, it is sun, fade and water resistant. Also well smear and scratch protected. I am not going to hang this one outdoors, but it makes the cleaning easier when it gets dusty.

There were several options for the mounting available with my order, some more fancy, some simple, all charged extra. I did not like any of them, either visually or due to its price so I ordered the wall decor without the mounting and found an elegant solution with a local framing store.

Comparing to the original image, the reproduction and faithfulness of the colors is very accurate. Bright colors are vivid and the transitions in bigger areas are smooth. As the surface structure of the PVC foamboard is smooth, the print impresses with great details and sharpness. I also like the matte look which helps with any unwanted reflections.

Most people would probably choose some kind of paper print (and frame it) or canvas for their wall decor. I was very nicely pleased with another option that can be used instead. Now the wall decor is hanging on the wall and enlivens the whole room.

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