offered services and prices, Petr Holusa, Koprivnice

Offered services and prices



Wedding photography

Covering the long day … €700

Covering the whole day … €500

Covering the ceremony only … €220

Engagement session … €80

Upon request I will send you details on all the options.

wedding photography, Petr Holusa, Koprivnice


Headshot portraits

Only 1 portrait … €24

Set of 2 portraits … €38

Set of 3 portraits … €52

Each 1 extra photo … €12

headshot portraits, Petr Holusa, Koprivnice


Corporate portraits

Only 1 portrait … €24

Set of 2 portraits … €38

Set of 3 portraits … €52

Each 1 extra photo … €12

corporate portraits, Petr Holusa, Koprivnice


Casual portraits

(family portraits — couples — kids)

Session fee (indoor or outdoor) … €20

Each 1 selected photo … €4

Black&white conversion of 1 photo … €1

casual portraits, Petr Holusa, Koprivnice


Social events

(conferencies — parties — celebrations)

Session of minimum 1 hour … €100

Each 1 extra hour … €28

Price includes approximately 50-60 photographs per hour.

social events, Petr Holusa, Koprivnice


Portraits with birds of prey

Portraits with 1 bird of prey … €118

Portraits with 2 birds of prey … €145

Nearest date and more detailed information here (only in Czech).

portraits with birds of prey, Petr Holusa, Koprivnice


Schools, kindergardens

Seasonal sessions, both at the end of the school year and during that time.

Proposals come individually and depend of the number of classes, students or kids.

For tableaus sessions the difficulty of the project is also taken into consideration.

schools, kindergardens, Petr Holusa, Koprivnice


Printed products

Album 28x28 cms (19x19 cms), 50 pages … €119 (€79)

Canvas, wooden frame 50x75 cms (30x45 cms) … €44 (€28)

PVC foamboard 50x75 cms (30x45 cms) … €55 (€28)

Photographs 13x18 cms (10x15 cms)… €0,45 (€0,30)

Prices of other products and sizes upon request.

printed products, Petr Holusa, Koprivnice


Gift voucher

Minimum value of 1 voucher … €20

You can determine the value of your voucher according to your wish.

The voucher is valid until 1 year from the date of issuance.

gift voucher, Petr Holusa, Koprivnice

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