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Wedding photography

Covering the whole day

The most desired option. I start right in the morning by capturing the preparation of a bride and a groom, and guests arrivals. After the ceremony I take several group shots. Later, usually after official lunch, I take the newlyweds aside for a guided shoot in their preferred location. Later it depends on a mutual agreement on how much of the reception should be covered. 

Covering the ceremony only

Should this request occur, it usually means capturing just the ceremony and group shots afterwards. And a guided shoot of a couple is also included.

Engagement session

If couples want, they can book for an engagement session before the wedding. By the way, this is an excellent opportunity how we can all get to know each other better.

Wedding album and photos

During the peak season it may take up to 2 to 4 weeks to deliver the digital images and my signature wedding album. You will also get an access to your online photo gallery.

Pre-wedding consultancy

I like to meet with the couples before any wedding. We can discuss your ideas, thoughts and expectations so that all the important moments and details get captured. In case of great distance, we can use skype at least.


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Headshot portraits

Who needs professional headshots

In fact, these days practically everyone needs one for their LinkedIn or Facebook page. Especially people who are more publicly active, such as models, actors, real estate brokers, entrepreneurs, artists, public speakers, musicians, bloggers or athletes. 

The difference between headshot and portrait 

Headshot is generally taken to mean a formal representation of a person for use in a professional setting. And it should be you on your best day.

Portrait on the other hand should be less formal and more enlightening — it should in some way tell a story or illuminate who the sitter is.

Commercial and theatrical headshot

There are 2 basic types of headshots, and most actors should have both:

Commercial — advertisers usually like warm, friendly and trustworthy people to sell their product. Your headshot should make you look like one of these people. A typical commercial headshot features a nice smile and soft colours.

Theatrical — it is your chance to show off your type, a unique human being. These are usually more layered and nuanced than a commercial headshot. There is a certain amount of professionalism that is looked for here.

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Corporate portraits

Where you can find corporate portraits

In today’s corporate world, much of the networking is done online. That is why personal branding is more important than ever and why a high-quality photo is your first meeting with the public. You can find such portraits on company websites, 'About us' section, LinkedIn profiles, real estate agents websites or book covers.

Benefits of having a professional LinkedIn profile photo

Having a professional headshot separates you from the rest of the crowd because it shows that you take your work and image seriously. It shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that people who see you for the first time have a good impression of you.

Did you know that...

... according to a study published by LinkedIn itself, you are 14 times more likely to be taken seriously if you have a professional headshot on your LinkedIn page?

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Casual portraits

Get creative

Casual portraits have a lot in common with headshots and corporate portraits. With one significant difference — you can get really creative in a sense of clothing, hairstyles, makeups, locations or lighting. Break rules and cross boundaries, if you want.

Families, couples, individuals

Families with kids, couples or individuals — you are all welcome. It is essential to have a talk before any session starts so that you get the photos you are looking for. Therefore communication is a key to your satisfaction.

Choosing proper clothes for the location

It is always important that you feel comfortable in your clothes. However, keep in mind the location where the session will take place. Your clothes and location should be in harmony in order to create the best result, including the style of clothes and suitable colours.

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Advanced retouching

In general

Retouching is an important part of the whole process. I mainly focus on your eyes, clean up loose hairs, remove blemishes and skin imperfections if they are temporary.

Different approach

When it comes to headshots, retouching should not make you look 5 years younger or 10 kgs lighter, they still have to look like you. I follow a similar principle for the corporate portraits. On the other hand, casual portraits give us a bit more freedom, because their usage is different, and we can even get more artistic. 

Note: If you have special requirements, I can offer you advanced retouching. From little things like scars, birth marks or tattoo removal to adjusting body proportions.

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Printed products

Many options

Digital images never loose their quality and they always look good. However, if you print them out, they will look fantastic! And the bigger, the better. Apart from printed photos, I can offer you other products, such as photobooks, wall decors, calendars or posters. 


For all the prints I use a German supplier that makes products of the highest, impressive quality. Variety of materials begins with a range of premium photo papers (available in glossy, matte or silky finish), continues thru acrylic glass, PVC foamboard or canvas for wall decors, and ends with a range of coloured leathers or linens for photobook covers (padded or unpadded).

Note: Upon request I can arrange prints for you. If you are not sure, which material would best fit your needs, I may present you sample sets.

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Makeup artist

In general

A hairstylist can make your hair look its best for the shoot. A professional makeup artist knows what makeup looks good on camera and will make you look your best. Men don’t usually need makeup, just a little powder will eliminate shine.

Headshot and corporate portraits

Do not get a hairstyle that is too fancy. You must be able to replicate the hairstyle when you go for auditions. And remember, the makeup you wear in daily life or on stage is not the same as the makeup you should wear for a shoot. Same applies to corporate portraits.

Casual portraits

Even though the sessions seem casual, getting a professional makeup artist can be beneficial. Especially when the shoot requires a special treatment, like water-resistant makeup.

Note: Upon request I can arrange a makeup artist for you.

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Alexandra Vicenikova — Belle Studio

Certified makeup artist providing wedding, photo and creative image makeup. Also offers hairstyling services.
website: www.bellestudio.cz

Gabriela Pustejovska — Salon Esence

Certified makeup artist with years of experience, also offers cosmetic consultancy and massages.
website: www.esence-salon.cz

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